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Creating & implementing strong multi-social media marketing strategies

Helping business owners and CEOs create a strong omnichannel presence through effective strategies, consistency, and authenticity. My goal is for you to stand out, stay on brand, increase revenue, and gain back your freedom. 

It’s crucial for businesses to be on multiple platforms nowadays, which is why I offer more than one service. I’ve helped clients take back time for themselves, scale their businesses, increase brand awareness, and elevate their social media presence to that next level. Together, we can do the same for you.

I'm Nicole.

Social Media Manager breaking the status quo

The world of social media is rapidly changing. My job is to help you stay relevant while showcasing your brand in a way that will stand out. I value authenticity, so I make sure that all content stays true to you.

No longer are the days of posting on the fly. Strategy and consistency are a must, and no business owner should have to run a business while simultaneously learning how to master socials.

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Digital Downloads For Biz Owners
On A Budget

Sick of wasting time when it comes to creating content?!

We’re always losing time in our business when creating content. My goal is to save you time when it comes to content creation. From minimalist graphics to GIFs to inspirational quotes, my downloadable Canva graphics will save you hours of content creation time. Take a look at the shop that creatives and SMMs swear by!

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Why hiring a social media manager
will change your LIFE



  • Too much on your plate when it came to projects
  • Feeling like you can't keep up with social media
  • Learning “tricks” to grow but not seeing any progress
  • No time for your personal life
  • Able to finish projects and scale your business 
  • Stress-free about social media
  • Your brand presence is actually meaningful, productive, and effective 
  • Can finally make time for YOU and your loved ones


“Nicole picks up on things I like & effortlessly includes them in future posts.

Maya James

Wedding Photographer

"Nicole does a tremendous job with understanding my brands voice & translating that into meaningful & engaging content across several of my platforms.”

Lulu LaFortune

Furniture & Home Decor Designer

“Hiring her has helped my business grow in all the right ways. Whatever I throw in her court she completes with finesse and makes it look easy!”

Lisa Guillot

Mindset Coach

“She always has my back with whatever I need, and I know the work with be top notch quality.”