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Frequently Asked Questions

The tasks included in the packages I offer are what is most optimal when managing your social media. It's how we're going to see the best results, hands down. With that being said, all of my packages are customizable because I do understand sometimes you have a Lead-Gen Specialist on your team or a copywriter to help with captions. Of course, I'll always recommend a package that best suits your needs, and we'll work together to create a custom package that is optimal for what you're needing.

For Instagram, there is a 3 month commitment because it takes a quarter to see true results from a strategy. With that being said, I understand that sometimes life happens and there are circumstances where that commitment cannot be upheld, which would of course be discussed together if something does arise.

I do have a team of two who help with content creation.

Totally okay! You can still book a call and we can chat to see if we’d be a great match. I’ve worked with creatives and would love to work with the below industries:
  • Designers
  • Lifestyle brands
  • Influencers
  • Photographers
  • Clothing/jewelry brands
  • Makeup/wellness industry

My Social Media Power Hour is tailored just for you. I totally get it; Instagram can sometimes leave you feeling a bit lost and hopeless. But let's be honest, Instagram is a game-changer for any business.

How it works: I'll send over a quick questionnaire before our chat to get the lowdown on your business, goals, and what you're struggling with most. Then, you can schedule a slot for our 60-minute session whenever it suits you best. We're going to dive deep into all things Instagram – think content pillars, creative brainstorming, rock-solid strategy planning, boosting engagement, mastering stories, nailing those reels,  and even getting those keywords, captions, and hashtags on point.

After our call, I'll send you the recording and some key takeaways you can always come back to. And don't worry, you'll have my support on Voxer for a week after our call. You'll walk away prepped and ready to conquer the 'gram. 

Absolutely! If Shopify is a platform you use to sell certain products, that will definitely be integrated into your Showit website and included in your package. 

100%, I'm here to help create your dream site and that includes providing insight into the backend of it all. If email marketing or Shopify needs to be set up, you can always add on Virtual Assistant hours to your package so that we can ensure the backend is streamlined and the user experience is optimized.