Giving you the backstory...

Hey fam & welcome! I’m Nicole. Gonna give a quick overview of who the heck I am and how I got here. I came from a corporate background but of course, like many of us, knew I was meant for more.

I graduated from Florida State University (go Noles!) with a degree in Retail Merchandising and Product Development. I thought retail was 100% what I wanted to do with my life (spoiler alert: I was wrong), and landed a job in buying for a major department store after college. Later down the line, I realized I was unhappy, unfulfilled, and unmotivated. This “dream” quickly became a career I was no longer passionate about. I knew it was time to reinvent myself.

The reinvention

Fast forward to the beginning of 2021 - I’m laying on my couch, watching Tik Tok, when a “this is your sign to become a Virtual Assistant” video popped up (forever indebted to you, Tik Tok).

The transition to the online space happened quickly! I fully immersed myself, eager to learn and grow, invested in a coaching program, and said BUH BYE to the corporate world to pursue this dream. I now provide social media marketing management to badass business owners and brands, striving to make your life easier and your business thrive!

TBH, I’ve never felt more zealous and passionate about anything in my life. I love what I do because I get to make all these amazing connections while helping business owners scale their businesses. I’m not only here for all things social media, I’m here to bounce ideas off of, be a sounding board, and be an advocate for YOU!

Feel free to reach out - I’d love to connect. And if you’re ready to build your team, fill out a form and let’s chat!

Now I get to do
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